Looking for the best luxurious getaway in Surfers Paradise? Chevron Renaissance may just be the place you’re after. Here are five unparalleled and unique reasons that make Chevron Renaissance hands down one of the most famous resorts in the area.

Luxury facilities at their finest.

Enjoy Surfers Paradise the luxurious way with the high-class facilities of Chevron Renaissance. A favorite among upscale travelers and the most discerning luxury tourists, Chevron Renaissance screams luxury in almost every one of its elements. From the rooms to the manicured lawns to the expansive pools, everything is carefully designed to create a luxurious atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy. If you really want the best kind of Surfers Paradise holiday, Towers of Chevron Renaissance can ensure that.

Fantastic location.

With a location that provides spectacular ocean views, glimpses of the Gold Coast hinterlands, and a sneak peek of the Nerang River, Towers of Chevron Renaissance undoubtedly have the best location in Surfers Paradise. And the view is not the only proof of this. Guests staying at Chevron Renaissance need only to walk two minutes to get to the golden sands, one of the most sought after parts of Surfers Paradise, and they need only to walk one block to reach Cavill Mall where entertainment, shopping, and dining pleasures abound.

Chevron Precinct.

If you don’t feel like walking for 2 minutes or one block, then just go down to the Chevron Precinct, a spacious entertainment area dedicated to all guests of the Towers of Chevron Renaissance. The huge shopping and entertainment paradise is located on the ground floor of the resort complex and gives you plenty to do and to see without leaving the hotel.

Beaches in the Sky.

Be transported to the idyllic seaside villages that line the Mediterranean Coast with Beaches in the Sky, a whole area inspired by Mediterranean culture. Made up of huge pools, golden sand beaches, large recreation spaces, and dramatically landscaped grounds, Beaches in the Sky is an in-house oasis. It’s a perfect place for lounging under the sun, swimming, taking photos, and just enjoying drinks on a cold night. Indeed, it’s one of the most picturesque offerings in Surfers Paradise’s hospitality industry.

Relaxation at its finest.

If you are after health and well-being rejuvenation during your trip, you’ll get plenty of help from Towers of Chevron Renaissance. Boasting of a 25-metre indoor lap pool, a spa, and a gym, the resort can help take you away from the troubles and stress of daily life by providing you with facilities to revitalize and pamper you. Soak in the heated outdoor swimming pool for the ultimate relaxation, or get a massage to liven up those tired limbs. Go to the gym for an early morning exercise, or heat up in the sauna to flush those toxins away. Despite being located in the centre of the district, Chevron Renaissance is so designed to keep you protected in its tranquil and relaxing environment.

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