If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay during your holiday on the Gold Coast, why not consider Orchid Residences for a holiday of a lifetime? Orchid Residences’ parent hotel is exactly the kind of hotel that can give you that. If you need more specific reasons to be convinced, however, we can give you five.

Perfect positioning.

The kind of experience that this hotel can offer is very unique and rare; it’s something that cannot easily be imitated by other hotels. This is because part of the hotel’s charm lie in its positioning. Sandwiched between Surfers Paradise Boulevard and Orchid Avenue, Orchid Residences is in close proximity with the major attractions in the area such as Esplanade beach front and Cavill Mall. This central location is what attracts most of its guests to the hotel since it is very easy to go from the hotel to any of the most frequently visited spots in the area. And to top it all off, the hotel is also a quick drive from the Brisbane and Coolangatta airports which can easily be reached by taxi or Airtrain.

Business and pleasure mix perfectly together.

At Orchid Residences, there is a perfect blend of features and facilities that will satisfy both business travelers and leisure travelers. So regardless of your purpose for visiting the Gold Coast, you will find that Orchid Residences will suit your needs just perfectly.

So what are some of the facilities that make this possible? Well, aside from the outdoor podium, pavilion, and private terraces where you can hold events and conferences, the hotel also offers a wide array of bars and restaurants for your dining pleasure. These include Luke Mangan’s Salt grill restaurant, the FIX lounge bar with its expert mixologists, and The Food Store, a European delicatessen. All of these blend together to create one of the best experiences you will ever enjoy.

Modern interiors and furnishings.

Be greeted by modern interiors and furnishings that are easy on the eyes and comforting to the tired soul. The hotel is prepared to pamper you in each and every day that you spend in Surfers Paradise. The rooms are beautifully decorated and luxuriously furnished; many of them offer unparalleled views of the distant ocean and the lively city. Guest rooms and suites are always the best wherever they may be, but when coupled with the outstanding view of Surfers Paradise, their value rises even higher.

Hospitality like no other.

This hotel brand is not world-famous for nothing. And at the hotel, be prepared to be waited on hand and foot by well-trained and highly accommodating staff. This high standard of service and hospitality is part of the reason why the hotels are always the most popular options wherever they may be located.

eforea: Spa by Hilton

When all the traveling tires you out, the hotel has everything you will need for some pampering and relaxation. You will find them all at the eforea: Spa by Hilton, the first in Australia. The Spa offers four pools, a pool bar, a spa, and a sauna; all facilities are free for guests like you to enjoy.

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