More value for your money is the pervading theme for a lot of people these days. Whether it’s in relation to your every day bills (food, clothes, heat etc.) or in relation to where you and your family want to go for your holiday. You are constantly searching for new ways in which to save yourself from money and still get quality in what you buy. We at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals understand this, which is why our Gold Coast apartments offer everything you’d expect a holiday apartment to have but with a price that clearly shows you are saving money. We have over 10 Gold Coast holiday apartments that run the gamut of contemporary elegance to lazy luxury and all of this is within a price range that you can afford.

Then we have the amenities (this is the fun part). Yeah, in a holiday resort you expect certain things, a pool, parking (which at some resorts isn’t always secured), laundry units in or out of the room etc. Our apartments on the Gold Coast have amenities that you wouldn’t expect to see at our resort. From heated infinity pools, covered and secured parking, en suite laundry facilities not to mention the granite countertops in the kitchen and contemporary bathrooms. We have apartments that cater to all holiday tastes and the prices aren’t bad either. Circle on Cavill which sits in the heart of the Surfers Paradise, is the epitome of luxury. With its world renowned facilities (variably sized swimming pools, barbeque area, game room for kids and adults, a gym and health center-just to name a few) this resort is an ideal place to take your family for a vacation.

Dollar for dollar, when it comes to accommodation choices we here at Gold Coast Holiday Resorts have your back and our prices and facilities reflect this. Take for example Orchid Residences, another example of how luxury meets affordability. Within this resort there are four swimming pools (of varying sizes), as well as a full sized gymnasium.  The apartments on the Gold Coast are well laid out and spacious and offer fantastic views as well.

We here at Gold Coast Holiday Rentalsensure that we give you quality. We want to be the first and only choice when it comes to a Gold Coast holiday. We offer quality accommodation and amenities at a great price. We also offer excellent options on activities that you and your family can enjoy.