Miami is a suburb of the Gold Coast which is starting to compete with other hotspots. There is a significant increase in the number of people visiting Miami because the white sand beach is just breath-taking. Having a tranquil vacation is absolutely possible in this destination because it still remains less populated.

Even though Miami is still an emerging destination, there are a bunch of activities that you can do while you are there. You can just lounge by the shore, work on your tan and forget about time passing by. You probably would not resist the pristine water too and just go for a swim. Aside from that, there is North Burleigh Surf Club on the Beachfront  if you are interested in some relaxation. Pizzey Park which is a sports complex is also close by.

You might think that accommodation in a place that is as lovely as this probably have sky-rocketing prices. Truth is, there is cheap Gold Coast accommodation even in Miami. One example is Magic Mountain Resort. For a place that would not hurt your budget, it offers spacious room that has an inviting bed. You should not miss the infinity pool too. It opens up to a captivating view of Gold Coast. There are two other pools that you can choose from and other amenities to enjoy.

Finding cheap Gold Coast accommodation in Miami is easier if you do the arrangements through At, you will find places that will fit your budget but would not set aside your comfort.