Surfers Paradise isn’t called one of the best places on earth for nothing. If you are looking for the most captivating, energy-charging, exhilarating, “I can’t wait to do this again” experience, then you need to be here. On the other hand, if equally great accommodation is what you are looking for, then stay at Chevron Renaissance Tower.

The contemporary Towers of Chevron Renaissance stands tall and proud, offering guests a powerful combination of opulence, functionality, aesthetics, comfort, and convenience.

The Beautiful Beaches near Your Doorstep

One of the strongest selling points of Chevron Renaissance is its nearness to Surfers Paradise’s gems: sand and sea. There is no need to get on the bus or spend the copious amounts of money for a cab. Just walk for two minutes, and viola! You are already where you ought to be. Do not have the right water gear? The area is basically surrounded by several for-hire shops. You can get what you need for a very small fee. You can spend literally the entire day at the beach, and you do not have to worry about missing a ride or taking a long walk again back to your room.

Shop Until You Drop

Chevron Renaissance is a neighbor of Cavill Mall, the jaunts for dedicated shoppers. There are many upscale boutiques here, but beachfront markets are abundant as well, especially for those who are looking for very cheap finds. Should you get a little bit hungry, dash here and enjoy Australian cuisines paired with the most delectable rich wines produced regions such as the Barossa Valley.

Luxury Equals Affordability

Chevron Renaissance is a symbol of grandeur and wealth with its entertainment and fitness facilities, large outdoor pool, lush vegetation, barbecue area, 24-hour on-site security and customer service, captivating views of the sea and the Hinterlands. Yet all these can be enjoyed at affordable prices. You can even get a 2-bedroom apartment for under $200 a night.

Round Up Friends and Family

Chevron Renaissance is space. There is a lot of room to move around as apartments can accommodate at least 4 people. Some can even hold up to 10. Party? Holiday with friends and family? Then, Chevron Renaissance can offer you with not just the space that you need but also the comfort that you deserve.

Can’t wait to be here? Then, book an apartment at Chevron Renaissance now. Just call HRSP today at 1300 HRSP 11.