Magic Mountain Resort really lives up to its name. Staying here will make you feel like you are somewhere enchanting wherein all your worries can just melt away. Okay, so maybe there are no pixies here but the beauty of this place is absolutely captivating.

Magic Mountain Resort has an outstanding panoramic view of the Gold Coast. The windows and balconies in this place opens up to the beauty of the ocean view and the sight of hinterland. It is situated right on Nobby Mountain that is why this place offers a panoramic view that no other place can beat.

The advantage of staying in Magic Mountain Resort does not end at providing breath taking view to their guests. The strategic location of this resort allows their guests to enjoy the best spots in Gold Coast like shopping districts, fine restaurants, night clubs and bars and the world famous Jupiter’s Casino. You can also arrange for cruises and Hinterland day tour.  To complete your Gold Coast vacation, take advantage of Magic Mountain Resort’s gymnasium, sauna and of course, the infinity pool.

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