Among the Gold Coast Resorts on the Gold Coast, Chevron Renaissance is one of the most popular. Its towers have almost become a landmark of the Gold Coast. Being in Chevron Renaissance will open up the beauty of the ocean. You will also be amazed by how captivating the Nerang River and Gold Coast hinterland are.

This place is also strategically located right at the heart of Surfers Beach. So, staying here will enable you to access not just the beach but also the best restaurants. A short walk will allow you to get to the heart of Surfers Paradise where you can simply enjoy the ocean breeze, feel the warm sunshine or dip into the water. This beach is also patrolled so your security is never an issue. When hunger strikes and you would like to have a delicious meal, you can also go for a walk to the Cavill Mall which is just about a block away. After satisfying your cravings, you can even do some shopping there.

It is quite fascinating how a resort can offer so many urban features that it can give you the feeling of being at home. There is comfort and warmth in this Gold Coast Resort which makes your holiday even more worth it.

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