Is it your first time to the Gold Coast? You probably have no idea what Hotel accommodation is there, right? The good news is that even if you have never been to the Gold Coast, you can have a clear picture about the best and affordable hotels that you can stay in. How? All you need is a little research. Utilize the internet so that you can make the right decision.

It is important to find the right hotel accommodation on the Gold Coast so you can have a wonderful holiday. Here are the top three hotels to consider:

  1. HiSurf Beachfront Apartment: If you want to stay close to Surfers Paradise, this place is a good option. The rates are affordable yet your comfort will not be compromised. You can achieve total relaxation by enjoying the amenities like sauna, spa and saltwater pool that are in this place.
  2. Artique Resort: This is another budget friendly place which will allow you to experience more than what your money can afford. Artique Resort is strategically located near the patrolled beach of Surfers Paradise. Going to the Cavell Mall is also easy. You can enjoy their pool, spa and even the gym.
  3. Condor: Enjoying the captivating panoramic view of Gold Coast is possible in this high rise building. Staying here will allow you to easily access the shopping district, restaurants and the beach. Condor will give you the comfort and convenience that you need.

Those are just the top three options. There are other great Hotel Accommodation on the Gold Coast to consider that could suit your preferences. To see what other options you have, visit You can find all the information you need there.