Securing a deal on Gold Coast accommodation is easy. You get on our website and browse our properties, which have been provided to us through our licensed real estate agent. Once you find the accommodation deal that best fits your needs; you fill out the details on our online booking request form. After the booking request has been submitted, you will get an automatic email notification that your request has been received and is being processed. Once we receive your request, we double check that all of the information is correct and that the accommodation is available.

Once we enter your request into our reservation system, you will receive an email which contains information regarding the total booking fees and how much your deposit will be. Once your deposit has been processed, you will receive another email about your booking confirmations. It is only at this point that there will be an actual contract between you and the property owner. It is important to note that, as mentioned in our terms and conditions, you shall pay the total booking fees by one month prior to arrival at the Gold Coast. If they are not paid, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and release the property as being available to other customers.

Obtaining Gold Coast accommodation deals doesn’t get much easier than this.

Simply go to our website and browse our properties until you find what fits your needs best. You can see the properties we have available in our apartments and holiday homes tabs, or if you already know your destination, you can see what’s available in that area. It is important for any international travellers to note that all prices are listed in Australian dollars, so exchange rates will apply. We even offer free parking for our guests. An added bonus is that the beach is never far and it is patrolled, as well as security being available for all of our hotel and apartment accommodation.

The Gold Coast is practically paradise, with something for everyone so nobody’s unhappy. The region has abundant theme parks, beaches, shopping, dining, pools, spas, entertainment, sports, and more. Current specials are listed on our website, along with all of the services and amenities available at each accommodation. We offer some of the best Gold Coast accommodation deals out there for the best prices.

To secure your Gold Coast accommodation deals, go to our website, , and book your accommodation today.