One thing you might ask yourself is why you should book your next Gold Coast holiday with us rather than a regular travel agent. The answer is simple. We at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals have a few things that make us better and easier than a travel agent.

The main highlight is that when you book any holiday accommodation with us, we provide pictures of the actual property. Whether it’s one of our holiday homes or any other of the luxurious accommodation we offer, pictures are taken of the actual rooms. You see exactly what you are going to get. A travel agent picks your accommodation for you. With us, you get to pick the actual room you will be staying in for your Gold Coast holiday. Our unique booking system automatically updates with each booking, so you know exactly which one of our properties, each of which has stunning views of the ocean and beach right out the window, are available for your holiday. Travel agents take time and have to make arrangements for everything. With us, you make the arrangements for your holiday right on our website.

As mentioned, travel agents take time. That’s fine when you are booking your Gold Coast holiday with plenty of notice. We, on the other hand, can handle last minute accommodation in the blink of an eye. You can book today and be assured that your holiday accommodation in beautiful Queensland, Australia is ready when you arrive tomorrow. Not only that, but since we work with a licensed real estate agent, we can offer better values for our luxurious holiday accommodation. We offer a little bit of everything, from quiet suburban accommodation to being at the heart of the action. Whether you are looking for the best dining, shopping, and entertainment the Gold Coast had to offer or the majestic serenity of secluded beaches, we have something for you. We even have a suite in the Magic Mountain Resort, located in Mami, which is perfect for the family looking for a great time to enjoy with their kids.

Regardless of your reason for visiting the spectacular Gold Coast, we have the perfect holiday rental waiting for you. Don’t bother with that pesky travel agent. You know exactly what you are getting when you book with us, and that’s peace of mind that no travel agent can give you. Go to to book your Gold Coast holiday rental.