The Gold Coast is known for its hospitality industry. The tourism in the Gold Coast region of Queensland, Australia has grown at a very fast pace. The economic prosperity of the Gold Coast is too much dependent on the tourism industry. This is the reason of a lot of growth which the region has experienced in general. Like the other famous tourist destinations the Gold Coast has a lot to offer to the tourists. Not only it offers the world’s most popular surfer’s beaches, but also the best dinning places in Australia. The Gold Coast is known for bringing all the delicacies from around the world together. Food that is served in the restaurants and hotels of the Gold Coast comes from a variety of cuisines. Some of the apartments are specialists of local food and serve you the delicacies of the Aussie cuisines. Others specialise in Thai, Chinese, Indian or Japanese cuisines.

There are many restaurants and bars on the Gold Coast. These Dinning places range from roadside diners which are cheap to the world’s most popular multi starred hotels. The food is generally good and every one of these dinning places has few specialties for which people visit them. Enjoy Mediterranean Cuisine at Alto Cucine Bar. This Restaurant and Bar is located in the Broadbeach area and offers you Dinning in Banquet Style. You can enjoy Mediterranean food here. Similarly, you can enjoy alfresco style cuisine served in the modern ways at Bahia Restaurant. There are many other restaurants in the Gold Coast which specialise in one or the other kind of cuisines.

You can enjoy the Thai Garden bar in Beer Thai Garden. This restaurant specializes in Thai food. Some portion of the dinning area is inside, and is decorated with the artifacts from Thai region. The rest of the dinning area is without a roof and thus you practically eat under the stars. The sky here appears to be really beautiful at night. This is especially true about the moonlit nights. Keeping this in view, a lot of tourists prefer this place for dinner. Bistro Blanc is another place suitable for those who are fond of modern Dinning. Most of these restaurants are located in Broadbeach. There are a lot more restaurants on the Gold Coast. Some of these restaurants are located meters from the beach.  You thus get a chance of enjoying a swim or some surfing after taking a delicious meal.

There are many Italian restaurants on the Gold Coast. Some of the restaurants serve food from the Japanese cuisine. The list of the famous restaurants at the Gold Coast is a long one. Few of the popular names are Pink Poodle Bar and Restaurant, Pancakes in Paradise, Room81-Sofitel Gold Coast, Saks Italian Restaurant and Bar, YellowFin Seafood Restaurant, Raaj Palace Indian Restaurant and Mario’s Italian Restaurant and pizzeria. All of these are known for the good quality food they serve. The prices range from few cheap roadside eateries to the luxurious multi starrer, expansive Dinning places. These Dinning places also differ widely form each other in the culture they profess. Some of these are family restaurants while others like Dracula’s are cabaret restaurants