Think of the Gold Coast, and you’ll think of the commercial complexes, business districts, attractions, and the beaches that make Australia uber-popular all over the world. You’ll think about the fast-paced lifestyle of both the locals and tourists. However, if you learn to hang around during the late part of August until September, you may just get to see a whole new dimension of the area. You can be part of the Tastes of Gold Coast Festival.

What the Festival Is About

The Taste of Gold Coast Festival is more than a week long celebration of the finest produce of the region. Two of them include the food and wine. Specifically, the festival starts from 8 in the morning of August 26 to September 5.

What to Do

There are a lot of things to look forward to during the celebration. You can take advantage of the Farmers’ Markets, where you can shop for the freshest fruits and vegetables. They all come from the Hinterland. Some of the best choices include pineapples, pickles, and cheeses. You can also purchase the said items right near the beach resorts. There are also some people who can create great edible dishes from what you’ve purchased, and you can decide to dine on them right on the sand.

There are so many different types of farmers’ markets you can choose, but you may want to know their schedule as they don’t open all at the same time. For example, the Banora Point is available on the third Sunday of the month along with the Beechmont Market. Beaudesert is on a Saturday.

You can also participate in the Food and Wine Trail. There are two types of maps that you can use. These are the Pacific Trail and the Hinterland Trail. Along with your friends and family, you can hop from one vineyard to another and get to sip from their finest collections of wines, those that are commonly sold in hefty price tags all over the world. Of course, you can expect a tour to the wine valleys, as well as partake on a small cocktail menu at their cellars. They are also the best places to purchase your souvenirs for the festival.

Indeed, the combination of food and wine is something you should not let go easily. Seriously consider becoming a part of the Tastes of Gold Coast Festival, so you can see for yourself why it’s one of the most celebrated in the country. You don’t have to worry about Gold Coast accommodation, simply contact us and we’ll arrange it for you.