There is no doubt that Australia is becoming more and more popular with international visitors so there is no better time than the present to secure last minute hotel deals. Based on official figures released by Tourism Research Australia, there were 5,889,197 visitors aged 15 years and older from January to September 2013. This represents 5% increase compared to statistic published for 2012.

Of the 5.8 million visitors, 45% of them said that they were in the country for holiday and leisure. While 26% of them were here visiting friends and relatives, and the remainder were here for business (15%), education (6%), and employment (4%).

For 2013, the largest source of visitors came from New Zealand with 1,099,166 tourists. This is followed by China (676,445), United Kingdom (579,233) and USA (465,378). Based on the same document, each international visitor spent an average of $3,285 while they spent an average of $91 per night on accommodation. This figures represent 3% increase on Australia’s tourism-related earnings.

Also, official figures confirmed that 62% of last year’s total international visitors had been to Australia at least once before.

Other research based on a survey of 301 visitors from January to June, 2013 showed that visitors chose the Gold Coast specifically because of; great swimming beaches (26%), to attend specific event (24%), for the variety of things to see and do (23%), to have a family holiday (22%), and to visit a family (20%).


Holiday Visitors

Of the 5,889,197 visitors that were in the country from January to September last year, there were 2,650,138 people who said that they were here for holiday and leisure. 57% of these people visited New South Wales while 46% of them visited Queensland. There were also 34% who went to see Victoria. People who belong in this group spent an average of $2,455 with the largest chunk of money spent on food, drink, and accommodation. The average expenditure per night was just $88! For those looking to holiday on the Gold Coast, we suggest you look for last minute hotel deals to see if you can get accommodation at the same very affordable rates.

Why International visitors love Australia

Although Australia is listed on the world’s top 10 most remote countries, it is still one of the most popular places to visit particularly for those people who want to take advantage of our summer or for those who are simply looking for an adventure-packed holiday. Either way, planning an Australian holiday can take time, and although last minute hotel deals are always available, its best to plan and book your accommodation 2-3 months before you visit for the best rates.

Some of the reasons why international visitors love Australia include of course, the Great Barrier Reef, great beaches particularly on the Gold Coast, fantastic weather all year round, and a number of great cities to visit. These cities include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and many more. There are also hundreds of remarkable attractions which include amazing theme parks and water parks, wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful heritage listed sites, and world-class gold courses.

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