Known as the entertainment and tourism centre on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is hands down one of the best places on Queensland and on earth. Boasting of high-rise buildings and long stretches of sandy beaches, no other place offers such a perfect combination of urban convenience and beach seclusion than Surfers Paradise. So if you want to get away from the daily bustle and into a beach, but don’t want to forego all the usual conveniences of modern life, then Surfers Paradise is the place to go.

But as with any trip, one of the hardest things to consider before visiting this lively paradise on earth is where to stay. Accommodation in Surfers Paradise is not hard to find; the tricky part lies in choosing the best kind of accommodation that will cater to all your needs and will give you the best value for your buck. Here are some tips that are worth remembering.

Good quality and good price go together.

When choosing accommodation in Surfers Paradise, keep in mind that quality and price always go hand in hand. Since Surfers Paradise is also a common playground for luxury travelers, a lot of hotels and apartments hike up prices but not all of them are worth what they charge. So don’t always take those room rates at face value. Not because you’re willing to pay more for an expensive room, that already means you will get a lavish getaway.

Don’t forget service.

Many hotels and apartments in Surfers Paradise offer beautiful rooms and great amenities, but can offer very poor service. Try and get an idea of how the service is in the options you are considering. How you will be treated as guests will have a major effect on how you will enjoy your holiday.

Reviews and recommendations matter.

Narrow down your choices to the places that are within your budget, then check each one based on their room types, facilities, and reviews. Although photos are a great help, the reviews are usually more reliable. The Internet is a hot spot for reviews and objective feedback about hotels; you can find them on social networking sites, online forums, and hotel reservation sites.

And if you have friends or relatives who have holidayed in Surfers Paradise, then their recommendations will certainly be more reliable.

Look for long-term rental packages for longer vacations.

If you’re planning to stay longer, you don’t have to pay daily rates at the hotels. There are many apartments in Surfers Paradise that offer better deals for longer stays. These are less expensive and may offer several benefits not allowed in hotels, such as your own kitchen, cooking facilities, and so on.

Book in advance

You’re not the only one who wants to spend summer or Christmas in this little Queensland paradise, so make sure to book ahead of time. Even if you are not planning to visit during the peak holiday seasons, it is still better to book your accommodation first thing after you confirm your trip. Aside from having to compete with a huge crowd during the peak seasons, many hotels and accommodation in Surfers Paradise offer early bird deals for early reservations during the off-peak seasons. can easily help you find such deals.