Finding the best holiday accommodation on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia can be easy when you know where to look. With our help, you not only get luxurious accommodation in four and 4.5 star resorts, but you also gain access to the best that the Gold Coast has to offer. Beautiful beaches, awesome surfing, and some of the greatest shopping in Australia can be found just a scant 50 miles from Brisbane. We have access to the best holiday accommodation available along those gorgeous sandy beaches, whether it’s for the family, the couple looking for a romantic getaway, or someone just looking to enjoy all that the region has to offer.

With properties available all along the coast, you can choose where you want to stay. With pictures of the apartments and holiday houses, as well as spectacular ocean views from every property, it’s the ideal holiday for anyone looking to get away. You can choose one of the multiple properties available in the bustling hub of Surfers Paradise, with access to great shopping, dining, nature, and theme parks. Those looking for a family holiday might want to take a peek at the suite available at the Magic Mountain Resort, which resides at the heart of Miami. Those looking for a quieter and more relaxing holiday accommodation can choose from one of our holiday homes, or consider an enjoyable stay at Palm Springs Residences, located practically on the sands of the beautiful Palm Beach. Anyone looking to delve into the Australian environment and culture can head over to Golden Sands Resort at Main Beach, which has a unique artificial coral reef for guests to tour. Another option would be to enjoy a day at the Dream World theme park, home to the famous Tiger Island. For those willing to stay out a little later, the Outback Spectacular puts on a spectacular show in an arena that seats up to 1,000 people.

The Gold Coast is home to some of the greatest shopping and dining districts in Australia.  There truly is something for everyone, with plenty for kids to enjoy, as well as a great night life, casinos, theatres, convention centres, and galleries. The gorgeous beaches are patrolled, ensuring safety and aid. Whether you prefer the quieter suburbs or the heart of the city, we have the perfect holiday accommodation waiting for you.

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