Surfer Paradise is a great tourist destination. Every year, it attracts millions of people from across the globe because of its amazing surf, golden beaches, and perfect weather. Being a tourist-hub, it is home to world-class hotels and other types of accommodation. While having several options is great, this can make the process of choosing the right one for you and your family a bit overwhelming.

So, let us recommend one resort that you’ll surely love. Once we’re done talking about the amenities and the reasons why you must stay here, we’re sure you wouldn’t even want to look the other way.

Crown Towers Resort caters to families with young children. It has a lagoon pool complete with water slide and pirate ship that kids of all ages would surely find mesmerizing. It also has game room, a day spa, and Thai restaurants that adults wouldn’t want to miss.

You’ll be happy to know that Crown Towers Resort is world-famous for its jaw-dropping amenities and was already featured on different travel magazines. They have huge impressively decorated atrium while the whole area is surrounded by landscaped tropical lagoon that spells relaxation and luxury.

Now, let’s talk about the rooms. Crown Towers Resort hosts a range of self-contained rooms that would surely appeal to groups and families, even to single and couples. Unlike other hotel rooms in the area, these are spacious and have laundry and fully equipped kitchen. All rooms also have balcony that is perfect if you just want to soak in the sun anytime of the day. You have the option to book rooms facing the city, pool, country/Hinterland, or the river.

Need more information about Crown Towers Resort or are you already convinced that it is the perfect Surfer Paradise accommodation for you and your family? Then, visit and let’s book it now.