If you’re planning a Gold Coast holiday with your family, then there are two choices to consider when it comes to your accommodation – Airbnb or holiday apartments. As someone who offers holiday apartments in Surfers Paradise, I’m often asked which is the better option.

First of all, let me tell you that Airbnb isn’t necessarily the cheaper option. I’m not saying this because I offer holiday apartments, but because it is a well-known fact amongst us locals. Here’s a quote which furthers what I’ve just said:

“Quite often in peak areas, like the eastern suburbs of Sydney, it’s actually more expensive to opt for Airbnb and hotels and motels are cheaper.” – Richard Munroe, CEO, Accommodation Association of Australia.

Furthermore, there are many more benefits of booking a holiday apartment over an Airbnb property. Here are a few of them:

  1. Holiday apartments are much more consistent than Airbnb when it comes to amenities and facilities offered. In fact, most quality holiday apartments, including ours at HRSP offer facilities and amenities rivalling those of top hotels.
  2. By staying at a holiday apartment, you’ll avail professional level of customer support and communication from your accommodation providers. On the other hand, with Airbnb, you won’t receive professional levels of support; heck you probably won’t even meet the Airbnb host.
  3. Airbnb properties have no formal way of assuring quality control. However, this is not the case with holiday apartments.

As you can see for yourself, holiday apartments such as ours at HRSP offer far better value for money than Airbnb properties.  So, if you agree then book a serviced holiday apartment in Surfers Paradise with us at HRSP.com.au. You won’t be disappointed by your choice.

Take a look at our accommodation and rates and make a booking with HRSP today!