You have already created a grand plan, and you can’t wait to pack your bags and jet-set to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Whether you want to get away from your toxic lifestyle in the city, see one of the best surfing spots in the world, take advantage of a more laid-back lifestyle, or experience Australia in a whole new level, you’re bound to have a grand time in Surfers Paradise.

But before you can guarantee that, you need to secure your accommodation first. Here’s how to book your own accommodation:

Do it early. Do you know it’s always a holiday in Surfers Paradise? The area receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. Even if there are lull weeks, they are few and far between. That’s why we always recommend that you secure your own accommodation at least a month before you arrive.

Know how many are coming. Apartments in Surfers Paradise are available in different sizes and amenities. Some of them can accommodate at least 4 people, at most 10. If you’re traveling on a budget, then it would be great if all of you can be billeted in one unit only. This way, you can divide the price of the room per night properly.

Determine your budget. It’s definitely possible to book a spacious 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment during your holiday in Surfers Paradise, and it doesn’t have to cost you more than $200 a night. Nevertheless, the actual price shouldn’t be your basis in selecting a room. Instead, go for value for money. Though a number of rooms are pricier, their facilities are more state of the art and amenities are AAA rated.

Find one close to your area of interest. Since Surfers Paradise is mainly defined by its beaches, you may want to find accommodation that is only a few meters away from the coastline. This also brings you close to the entertainment, shopping, and arts districts.

Book with HRSP

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