For your next holiday, consider staying in a 4+ star rated hotel on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia. The Gold Coast is a popular destination, for Australians and international travellers alike. With a wide range of entertainment, attractions, and accommodation, the Gold Coast is the perfect destination for anyone looking to travel. With our help, you can choose accommodation in holiday homes, or stay in world class hotel on the Gold Coast and resorts while enjoying all that the Gold Coast has to offer.

We have a wide range of properties all along the coast, including the ever popular Surfers Paradise, and give out some of the best deals for a holiday stay in many hotels on the Gold Coast. Families might consider taking advantage of our suite in Magic Mountain resort. Those seeking an upper class holiday should take a look at our accommodation at the Orchid Residences in Surfers Paradise, which is smack dab in the middle of world class restaurants and shopping. Orchid Residences is a popular destination for celebrities, so don’t be surprised to see a few familiar faces. You can even choose to spend a few nights at the tallest residential building in the Southern Hemisphere, by booking at Apartment 4204 in Surfers Paradise. Every accommodation we have at a hotel on the Gold Coast is always close to the beach and each offers a spectacular ocean view.

For more unique accommodation, you can choose to stay in one of our seven rooms at the Moroccan Resort, which is rated 4.5 stars and has a unique Mediterranean architecture that no other resort displays. Crown Towers Resort has an amazing outdoor pool that includes a walk-in beach and a pirate ship for the children to enjoy. Golden Sands Resorts at Main Beach grants access to an artificial reef. Enjoy all the amenities of a hotel on the Gold Coast while you surf, tour theme parks and local attractions, eat at star rated restaurants, go to one of the world class shopping districts, or just bask in the sun on the gorgeous sandy beaches.

We have many accommodation options available all along the Gold Coast and have something to offer everyone. Take advantage of one of our specials or learn of everything the Gold Coast has to offer by visiting our website.

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