Traveling on a budget? Find out how to grab Surfers Paradise accommodation that meets your travel needs and money:

1. Ask from friends.

If you have some friends or family members who have been to the Gold Coast, specifically Surfers Paradise, then definitely you can get some great recommendations on Surfers Paradise cheap accommodation. The great thing about this is they know you, they also understand the kind of apartment you are looking for.

Downside: Even if they know your personality, your friends might not be considered experts when it comes to Surfers Paradise cheap accommodation. They are more likely to just recommend one place, which is the place they’ve stayed in.

2. Look things up in Google.

When you need something, then Google is your best friend. Is there anything you cannot look up in this huge search engine? The answer is a resounding no. In just a matter of seconds, you can already generate an ample list of potential accommodation options in Surfers Paradise that fit your budget.

Downside: You need to check every one of those links, which means you may not be able to find what you’re looking for easily. In fact, it may take hours or even days! Further, not all accommodation websites have great online booking systems, and you may have to go through the lengthy process of calling and e-mailing.

3. Use booking engines.

If you want a more comprehensive and targeted search, go to an online booking engine. What they normally do is to let you search for Surfers Paradise cheap accommodation and aggregate the results by presenting them in a list form. Some of them are really good; they offer photos and other necessary information about the accommodation.

Downside: Some of these services aren’t for free. When you check out, you will notice that you are billed for different kinds of fees. In reality therefore they are not as “cheap” as you’d like to think.

4. Go straight to is the best website to visit when you’re looking for cheap but quality accommodation in Surfers Paradise. We offer not just list of great apartments and hotels, but also with great deals. Visiting our site would mean saving time and money as you can easily browse and compare hotel and apartment’s prices and amenities.

GHCR lets you book your accommodation in 3 very easy steps. Should you need help, just dial 1300 HRSP 11.