Looking forward to a Surfers Paradise holiday getaway? Make sure you pack everything you need so you won’t have to go around Surfers Paradise on unnecessary errands. Here’s a quick packing guide to help you prepare your bags for your Surfers Paradise holiday.

Sunblock. Chances are that you’re going to Surfers Paradise to soak up the sun. Boasting of some of the best beaches in Australia, the Gold Coast has lots of golden sands and turquoise waters to offer. So the first thing you should buy when preparing for your holiday is a bottle of sunblock. Or two, if you plan to stay long. Sunblock will protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about sunburn or any other lasting damage that prolonged sun exposure will do to your skin. To be sure, get one with at least SPF 30 of protection, and get one that’s safe for use on your facial skin. If you’re traveling with kids, buy kid-safe sunblock as well.

The right clothes. If you’re going there during the summer, pack your usual summer gear, such as swimwear, shorts, tanks, sundresses, board shorts, and thongs. Avoid packing denim pants as these are very heavy and probably won’t feel comfortable when you’re lounging around in the resorts or along the beach. Comfortable resort wear should take up most of the space in your luggage. Still, don’t forget to pack some extra clothes, such as an evening dress, for when you plan to visit Surfers Paradise’s nightlife offerings. Some extra additions, such as a sweater, for cold nights, or a scarf, to keep you warm when it’s cold or to shield your skin from the sun, will also help.

Map and guidebook. If you plan on exploring Surfers Paradise, don’t forget to buy a map or a guidebook. Guidebooks will tell you which places are worth visiting and which restaurants are worth a try. Maps will make sure you will find your way around and back to your hotel for the night. Both of these will serve as your trusty travel companions all throughout your trip.

Your photography equipment. Make sure you have your camera ready, together with an extra memory card, an extra battery, your battery charger, and the rest of your photography gear, if any, such as extra lenses or cleaning tools. These will help you capture the best memories of your Surfers Paradise holiday.

Sunglasses. Don’t just shield your skin; protect your eyes as well with a pair of trusty sunglasses. Eyes can get damaged by the sun, too, especially in the long run. Common eye problems such as cataracts are often caused by sun exposure. So every time you go to the beach or you’re traveling and you plan on doing a lot of exploring under the sun, whether it’s during your Surfers Paradise holiday or in any other trip you might take in the future, always bring your sunglasses.

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