If you’re staying in the Gold Coast for more than a week this holiday, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in an expensive hotel room the whole time. The smart way to do it is to look for the suburb in the area which fits your itinerary. From there, you can choose a property that’s just the right size, price and distance from the gold coast shorelines.

The first thing you need to understand is that the Gold Coast consists of more than just Surfers Paradise. There are already over 15 coastal areas to choose from scattered across the north coast, central coast, and the south coast. They’re the perfect suburbs to pick if you would like to live close to the beach. The best among them is the Broadbeach in the Central Coast. It’s a little more peaceful than Surfer’s Island, but it’s not too rustic and remote for comfort. This suburb is home to a lot of good restaurants and it’s certainly a good pick for foodies.

The inland suburbs of the Gold Coast are ideal if you’re looking for the best resorts and golf courses, and if you wouldn’t mind driving to the beach. They’re also the best sites to visit if you would like to explore the Gold Coast’s wildlife. Bonogin, in particular, is home to majority of the Gold Coast’s birdlife. If you’re a fan of cricket, on the other hand, you may want to consider staying in Carrara. The aboriginal word “karara” where the place gets its name from means ‘long flat’, and this long flatland is certainly the ideal terrain for the Carrara Stadium.

The suburbs in the hinterland are ideal only if you’re traveling with adults. There are a lot of attractions here, but most travelers prefer to book daytrips through them before going back to their lodgings closer to the beach. There are a number of lodges and bed and breakfasts here which exclusively for adults. They’re good enough if you don’t mind roughing it for the night.

Pick a comfortable lodge at the vast Tamborine area if you’re in the Gold Coast mainly to admire the wildlife. Advancetown and Nerang are interesting places to stay in, too, if you’re looking for good vistas of the Gold Coast’s lush mountains, lakes, and the Nerang River. Nerang isn’t that far from the coastal areas, either, so if you’re looking for remote lodgings that are still close enough to the sea, this is the suburb to pick.  For the perfect Gold Coast accommodation for your Holiday, please visit https://hrsp.com.au/.