Looking for a kid-friendly café on the Gold Coast? Well, you’re in luck! There are several cafes in the area which allow kids to have fun, while parents can have a little “me time”.

Whether you’re a family holidaying in the Gold Coast or a local mum, these kid-friendly cafes are the place to be.

1. Bam Bam Bakehouse, Mermaid Beach

Bam Bam Bakehouse is one café on the Gold Coast where kids can completely be themselves. This café makes use of the Mermaid Beach Council Park to offer a comfortable atmosphere for both kids and adults. Parents can certainly have a good time in this café without having to worry about attending to their kids.

2. The Good Wolf, Miami

A café which is based completely around family values, The Good Wolf is the perfect café to take kids to. The menu at this café contains both healthy vegan, paleo and raw options and also burgers and fried foods. While there’s something for all adults, kids will also love the smoothies and raw slices at this café.

3. Mandala Organic Arts Café, Mermaid Beach

Mandala Organic Arts Café is a haven that kiddies will love! There’s plenty of space, lovely interiors and a healthy vegetarian menu on offer at this café. Kids can even sit on the floor to enjoy their meals, making them feel right at home. The delicious and wholesome food at this café is great not just for kids, but for parents as well.

4. BSKT Café, Mermaid Beach

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BSKT Café is a restaurant with a play pen and is frequently visited by local families in the Gold Coast. Kids can go wild at this café, with parents looking on from their seats. BSKT Café has been specially designed to cater to every member of the family. Make sure to take your kids to this café – they’ll love you for it!

5. Paradox, Surfers Paradise

Paradox is a coffee shop which appeals to all types of families. While this café offers a wonderful seasonal menu and great local coffee for adults, kids will love the special menu. With a play pen full of interactive toys, even parents will enjoy playing around and trying out the kids’ menu!

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