There are many options (in terms of accommodation) to consider when travelling to Australia. Where you and your family will be staying, what local sights and sounds are available for you and your family to enjoy during your Australia Travel. For the first time traveler (and not so new ones) it might seem a daunting task to choose where you and your family will be staying, but don’t fret there are tools as well as information available to help you make your choice. We here at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals, pride ourselves on being able to offer you all the comforts of home with little to none of the stress and thereby creating a memorable holiday experience during your Australia Travel.

The climate (sub-tropical) makes it an ideal holiday for the summer and very rarely does the temperature dip to above 29 degrees Celsius. The weather is usually sunny (try 300 days of the year worth) and allows for you and your family to enjoy a host of outdoor activities. Even when the weather changes from sunny to not so sunny, the temp rarely drops below 9 degrees Celsius.

The shop- a- holic in the family will love the chance to shop at the Australia Fair which boasts over 220 stores as well as cinemas and pharmacies. Oasis Shopping Center is where someone with a more refined shopping palette can go. With lots of restaurants and beauty treatment shops, you will find all you want or need to help you relax in your Australia Travel.

Why not drop in on one of the many markets that offer fresh foods, trinkets, arts and crafts, clothing and many more items during your Australia Travel. When it comes to food you have the option of immersion into the Australian culture (there are a fair amount of Australian barbeques around) or you can partake of various cuisines from around the world, all of which are easily accessible from your chosen accommodation. As far as accommodation is concerned there are options for families travelling on a budget and for those who have a bit more money to burn.

There are even options for the campers among you with several camping sites that give you the option of pitching a tent or being tucked away in a lodge. The main thing that most of the Australia Travel accommodations have in common, are their proximity to the beach. With some of them right on the beach and others no more than 5 minutes away from the beach.

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