The Gold Coast is Australia’s party playground, especially at night, but if you’ve spend three consecutive nights intoxicated with booze, a change of pace will do you good. Going on a daytrip to Byron Bay from the Gold Coast is a refreshing break from the loud music and bright lights of the strip. Byron Bay, which is at the most eastern point of Australia’s golden coasts, will surely take your breath away.

If you’ve rented a car, the bay is only an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast proper. There are hotel transfers, though, if you’re willing to go there with a group of other guests. It’s a popular daytrip destination, so any hotel in the Gold Coast will know where to put you through should you wish for the trip.

The beaches at Byron Bay are pristine, and you won’t have to watch your step, afraid that you’ll be stepping on a sunbather when you stroll here. While there are a lot of beaches in this area, the Main Beach is the most accessible to the public, and it connects to The Pass, Clarke’s Beach, Little Wategos, and Wategos.

After enjoying the beaches, you should also drop by the Byron Bay Lighthouse which is perched on top of the most eastern cliff of the bay. This is an iconic spot and you’ll probably come across other tourists visiting the place during the peak season. There’s a walkway from the beach leading to the lighthouse so there’s really no reason for you not to see it. You can get the best vistas of the ocean from this point.

Whale watching at the Byron Bay is also pretty popular. In the past, Byron Bay used to be a whaling station. The industry slaughtered up to 1000 whales in the 50s to the 60s, but today, the area was turned into the Southern Cross University Whale Research Station. From June to October, the observations decks are opened to the public. This is the place to be in if you’d like a little educational tour.

To rest your feet and order cold bottles of beer while enjoying the views of the pristine Byron Bay, drop by the Beach Hotel. This is also an iconic spot, and a usual venue for the best live music and entertainment in the area. What makes it very popular, though, is its architecture. It literally opens up to the beaches of Byron Bay, and is a great spot for people watching.

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