The Australian Gold Coast is often marketed as a place for partygoers and nature lovers. With all the attractions to distract you from work, people often forget that the area also has some of the best business accommodation. Now you can enjoy the best waves on your surfing board for an hour, come back to the hotel to get some business done, and go out again at night to enjoy the best of Gold Coast’s night life. Talk about mixing business with pleasure.

The Crowne Plaza Gold Tower is a five-star hotel which offered accessibility to the Gold Coast’s most popular attractions, prime beachfront location, impressive resort facilities, and a business center that won’t make it hard for you to get things done. While it’s one of the priciest business accommodation in the area, you have a wide range of rooms and apartments to choose from. You can opt for a spa room, or a room that faces the beach and you can match these rooms with meal packages. This is perfect for business men and women who enjoy the good life.

The Marriot Surfer’s Paradise Resort is even more upscale, also located as Surfers Paradise. They have pretty god packages, though, allowing you a choice between vistas of the ocean or the hinterlands. Their meal packages include a “wine lovers” deal, so if you like unwinding with a bottle of strong red wine after a hard day’s work, then this might interest you. Marriot also offers Spa suites, private beaches, lagoons, and flood-lit tennis courts just in case you’d like to play at night. It also has business facilities so you can slip in work with your vacation.

The Palazzo Versace sits where the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf used to be. It’s located at the Main Beach, so it’s right in between the Gold Coast’s party area and its more remote hotels. It’s always a pleasure to hold meetings here because it houses three of the best restaurants in Queensland. Palazzo Versace, is, after all a top fashion hotel brand, so this is only expected. The Italian furnishing and the waterfront location might make you forget about work for a while, but if you do need to contact your office, they have business amenities including centralized WiFi.

The Hyatt Regency at the Gold Coast is tucked in at the Sanctuary Cove. While it does offer top business amenities, it’s not as accessible as the line-up of hotels in the Main Beach and the Surfers Paradise. If the business people you’re working with are staying in the same hotel, though, then this is not a problem. The beachfront is also private and secure, so you won’t have to worry about drunken teenagers. The hotel has an impressive business center, spa facilities, it’s own bar and lounge, and other facilities you’d expect of a five-star hotel.

You might want to look at more Gold Coast business accommodation before you book your trip, though. To find the one that would fit your budget and your business needs, visit to keep yourself in the loop.