Mudgeeraba is a very quiet, quaint, and unspoiled town that is only less than 15 minutes away from the business and shopping district of Gold Coast. Every July they come up with a festival where residents can bring out their best arts and crafts, as well as produce, and get a shot for the special prizes. This event is called the Mudgeeraba Show.

What the Show Is All About

The Mudgeeraba Show is a special event that happens in the month of July. It’s a special time for its locals to bring out their own produce, whether food or arts and crafts, and put them all on display for people to see. Business enthusiasts do strike a deal with budding entrepreneurs, so the festival is a way of showcasing their skills and abilities.

The event, which is held in the Woodlands, is open for all. Children and pensioners need to pay only $5. A trooping family needs to shell out $25 while the single adult travelers and couples have to pay up $10. However, that will already give you access to everything that’s available during the occasion.

What to Do

You can try out the various dishes and produce they can come up with. Sometimes they mount a cooking show and other types of workshops such as the art of crocheting. There will also be a pet parade, with pooches and cats dressed in fabulous attires. One of the highlights of the celebration will be the Ute Master.

Schools also participate and put up their own exhibits with creations produced by the students. Ponies and other kinds of farm animals will be open to everyone, so kids will have a lot of fun touching sheep and ponies. You can head to the Pavilion and catch live performances of singers and dancers.

If you love various kinds of plants and flowers, you may be able to catch and eventually buy them during the horticultural exhibit. There will also be a wood-chopping exhibit and competition.

Book your Gold Coast accommodation as early as possible for the 2011 event. Having your apartment now will allow you to properly plan your Gold Coast holiday. Though the show is certainly the highlight, there are also plenty of things you can do whilst on the Gold Coast. You can visit the sprawling golf courses and natural attractions such as Natural Bridge and Springbrook. You can also join the wine tours that will take you to wine valleys and vineyards, then sample their wine bottles.