There’s nothing like a visit down under to inspire you. Affectionately referred to as the land down under, Australia is an ideal holiday destination if you and your family (or just you) decide that you want an adventurous vacation. There are so many things to do on an Australian holiday it is hard to know where to start, but as I always say just take a deep breath and pace yourself. The Gold Coast is bracketed on the eastern side by the sea and stretches all the way from the Albert River in the north and to the south towards New South Wales border. When the Gold Coast was first settled it was mainly as timber and cattle farms. It has evolved into one of the most sought after holiday destinations on the Australian coast. If you are planning to visit this land, make sure you spend some time here on your Australian holiday.

At first, interest in the Gold Coast was minimal. The land wasn’t good for agricultural purposes and poor trees for timber grew there. But that soon changed when the Surfers Paradise Hotel was built. The hotel was built to capitalize on the increasing popularity of the destination as a holiday spot and soon other hotels and resorts sprang up around it. Pretty soon the surrounding towns were re-named as Surfers Paradise and thus the holiday destination was born. People who came here on holiday were looking for a means to cool down and stay comfortable during those warm Australian summers and they found it at the Gold Coast. The development of this now prime piece of Australian real estate has sky-rocketed leading to other hotels, guest houses and entertainment options being built in and around the Gold Coast. It is now a chief holiday destination if you and your significant other want to get away and just have a romantic vacation or if you want to take your family on a holiday of a lifetime.

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