The Big Day Out is one of the most anticipated festivals not only in Australia but also in New Zealand. It’s one of the biggest gatherings of musicians and performers from all over the world, including the likes of of Lily Allen, Peaches, Lisa Mitchell, Pearl Jam, Tame Impala, Maya Jupiter, and Tumbleweed.

What the Festival About

Big Day Out started in 1992 in Sydney. It later grew the next year, covering other Australian regions such as Perth and Adelaide. It didn’t take a long time before it crossed over to, New Zealand also.

It normally begins around the later part of January and will last for three weeks. It goes on a tour, which means it doesn’t stay long in one location. However, expect to have a blast and a load of music and songs since various stages will be set up around the venue. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find more than 5 different stages all over the area. These platforms will be used to play a variety of music from mainstream to indie.

What to Do

It’s one of the biggest gatherings in Gold Coast, so it’s surely a good way to meet new friends. Of course, you can listen to nothing but the best music by major artists. You are free to bring food and drink inside the venue.
Everyone is also encouraged to party and have fun. If you’re traveling with friends, it’s a superb and unique way to bond. Nevertheless, make sure that you can watch it other out as the festival can also be a time for petty crimes.

While on the Gold Coast for the festival be sure to venture out and explore the Gold Coast, which is a very charming region of Australia. It’s rich with patrolled beaches lined with rental booths for your water equipment needs such as flippers and snorkels. You can also shop for a bargain in their beach markets. They also offer organic produce. There are also plenty of attractions within the area, including theme parks such as DreamWorld.

Big Day Out brings thousands of people into Gold Coast. Book early for next year. Check out the Gold Coast accommodation choices available today by visiting our website.