The Towers of Chevron Renaissance is an accommodation like no other. It is one of the very few high-rise apartment complexes that spell luxury, sophistication, convenience, and comfort. It offers facilities that are not usually found in other accommodation options, making it truly worth your money and time.

There are four highly known facilities that are offered in the apartment complex. The first one is called the Beaches in the Sky. It is called as such because it’s located on the fifth level of the building. Most of the swimming pools are found on the ground level. The leisure area, which has one of the biggest pools you’ll ever see at 600 square meters, also attaches the three separate towers all together.

At daytime it’s an excellent venue for sunbaking and for drinking your pina colada or margarita. However, the best time to go there will definitely at night time when the entire level transforms into a definite party scene, with people dancing, singing, and lounging with their friends or with their preferred meals and beverages. To enhance the atmosphere, Beaches in the Sky features subtropical setting. Guests are also free to cook up barbecues.

Fitness is also one of the utmost priorities of the accommodation. That’s why there’s the Health Pavilion. The pavilion offers everything you may be looking for in a fitness facility. Opening from 6 in the morning until 10 in the evening every day, it possesses an indoor heated pool that’s about 25 meters. It also has an outdoor lap pool for those who want to exercise their legs and arms. Saunas for men and women are separate. The heated spa ensures toxins are driven outside the body. The gym has complete state-of-the-art fitness equipment. For people who simply want to take a rest, they can proceed to the relaxation area.

The private theater and lounge are also one of a kind. The former is intended for groups who want to have exclusive access to entertainment facilities such as DVDs in an air-conditioned cinema-like atmosphere. The theater has 18 comfortable seats with plenty of leg room, surround sound system, and a large data projection screen. For the larger groups such as those of around 30, they can stay in the club lounge, which has its own kitchenette.

Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, which is adjacent to the residential units, is a very popular entertainment and shopping hub in the area. It has countless fashion boutiques, specialty shops, and dining centers.

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