One of the things that you have to love about the Gold Coast is that all attractions within the region are highly accessible. This is also the reason why it’s a good home base when you’re exploring the Gold Coast Hinterlands and the neighboring towns.

The most convenient means of transportation here is by car. All the theme parks and nature preserves here have secure and ample parking spaces for automobiles. Even during the peak season, you won’t have any difficulty finding a parking space in the busiest areas of Surfers Paradise. Almost all streets here have parking meters so you just need to choose a good spot.

You can also find free parking if you don’t mind the walk. Blocks away from the main attractions of the area, where the streets aren’t as busy, you’ll find free parking spaces. If you prefer to have a roof over your vehicle, simply pick any one of the shopping centers in the area and pay the parking standard fees. You don’t have to worry about the traffic congestions either. The Gold Coast, unlike Brisbane which is the business center of Queensland, has a pretty easy traffic flow.

The main transportation means in the Gold Coast though is by bus. There are shuttles assigned to pick up and drop off day trippers to almost any point of the Gold Coast. These buses also operate 24/7, so you can have dinner somewhere in the Hinterland and come back to your Surfers Paradise hotel without any trouble at all, even if you don’t have a car.

For transportation within the Gold Coast, look for Surfside bus lines. To get to and from the airport, though, you need to take pricier airport transfers which charge about $21 per head. These get you to and from the Coolangatta Airport.

There are also taxi cabs in the Gold Coast which are available to travelers who prefer more privacy. Limousine transfers between the airport and the Surfers Paradise cost around $55. Surprisingly, regular cabs charge around the same rate. Stretch limousines are pricier but may be a better option if you’re traveling in groups and would like to be transferred from Point A to Point B in style. These stretch limos cost around $100-$110 and they’re affordable enough if you’re splitting the bill with three other people.

For short distances, if you’re sporty enough, you may want to explore the Gold Coast by bike. There’s a pedestrian and cycling lane which stretches for 36km connecting the Gold Coast Seaway to Point Danger. This can be a bit crowded though as people like to travel on foot, especially on cool autumn months. Visit for the best deals on Gold Coast accommodation.