Some holidaymakers love the din of a crowded beach while some others prefer the tranquillity and romance of a secluded one. Miami, Gold Coast is one of the latter. A lovely, small town located towards the south of the immensely popular Surfers Paradise, Miami in Australia is as gorgeous and vibrant as the Miami in Florida, US.
A perfect beach getaway for families and kids, the Miami shoreline is spectacular and welcoming. Considered to be an almost perfect family beach holiday destination, Miami is truly a beach bum’s dream location complete with warm, inviting, glorious sun, baked, clean sands, and barbeques to celebrate life!

Offering a laidback, beach lifestyle, the Miami Beach suburb of Gold Coast is well serviced with plenty of accommodation choices like motels, hotels, and holiday apartments for every type of visitor and every type of budget. Most homes are built on the beach front offering uninterrupted views of the waters and the surroundings. Even the inland homes aren’t too far away from the water allowing for quick and easy beach access.

As the Gold Coast highway cuts midway through Miami, shopping choices are never too far. The largest shopping centre in all of Gold Coast, the Pacific Fair is just a short 10 minutes drive from Miami. Other popular department chains like Myer, K-Mart and Target also have stores in this town.

After shopping and eating, it’s back to the beach for all beach bums. Surfers, swimmers, and everyone else who enjoys the beach are likely to fall in love with Miami and its wonderful beach. You can cool off in the waters after a suntan session or you can explore the colourful and abundant marine life and discover the beautiful treasures hidden in the deep depths of the ocean scuba diving.

Truly whatever you expect from a beach holiday, Miami offers you all that and something more special. So come find out!