How would you know if you’re dealing with the right property management company for your property? For tourists, how would you be more confident of booking a room with an agency?

These days, with the onset of the Internet and websites, it’s very easy for several companies to bluff about the kind of service they offer. They can tell you claims, which they could never substantiate, but you bite anyway because they do sound persuasive and convincing enough.

To get rid of any doubt and to avoid any possibility of getting scammed, it’s best if you stick with those who have been thoroughly reviewed by their customers. Fortunately, this scheme has been adopted by Gold Coast Holiday Rentals (HRSP).

HRSP is a property management company that works with both property owners and their customers. They offer listing of properties, and they connect customers with them. Simply put, they sort of act like middlepersons.

They have been in the business for years, and so far, they have garnered enough personal testimonials and opinions for them to make a bold claim: about 90 percent of their guests would actually recommend their services and listed properties to their friends and family.

Since December 1, 2009, they have been sending out survey forms to those guests who have stayed in their listed properties, hoping to get feedback and opinion of their experiences. The survey details are anonymous, which means the names of the respondents are not divulged but may be known to HRSP only. However, they do have an accurate headcount of the people who responded to the survey.

The result was staggering. Out of the total 196 respondents, only 5 didn’t answer or skip the question, which is “Would you recommend to family and friends?” The rest answered yes, which brought the percentage of positive response to 97.4 percent.

Moreover, more than 60 percent had a pleasant experience with their booking staff, assessing them as “excellent.” Only 0.5 percent or 1 person said that it’s poor.

The success of HRSP can also be attributed to the amount of accurate information they provide potential customers, such as the location, features, facilities, and bedroom types. Close to 97 percent said they were absolutely right. Many also find satisfaction of the kind of accommodation they got, from the interiors down to the customer service extended to them.

So where else should you look for properties in Gold Coast? It should only be with HRSP.