Schoolies Week is that time of the year when high school students celebrate the completion of their secondary education. It usually happens during the latter weeks of November toward the early week of December. In 2011, Schoolies Week will be from November 19 until November 26 for Queensland Students.

There are so many things that your child can look forward to during the Schoolies Week. For one they get to interact with their friends and build new connections. They are given a chance to enjoy the things they have missed out while in school such as feel-good music, a little bit of shopping, dancing, and an ability to enjoy the scenery that the accommodation and destination have to offer. They can also learn to expand their horizons and, yes, just enjoy a week off.

Though it has received some flak from the media, as well as the parents, Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast still remains to be one of the best destinations for Schoolies Week. You can’t say no to the great combination of sand, sea, and sun. There are plenty of festivals that happen around November and December. There are also the day and night markets that certainly have to be experienced by anyone, especially by your high school graduate.

Besides, stronger restrictions have been implemented by the organizers to greatly reduce the risk of trouble during Schoolies Week. These include the presence of a management team and restriction of alcohol.

Most of the Gold Coast Schoolies accommodation options are known for their world-class service and amenities. These include Aegean Apartments, Beachlodge Apartments, Durham Court, Golden Gates Apartments, and International Beach Resort. They can accommodate up to five people in every room.

Think about Schoolies Week, and should you decide to visit the Gold Coast be sure to view our website so we can help you decide the best schoolies accommodation for your child and his or her friends.