In this day and age when there seems to be more buildings and skyscrapers than trees and plants, you’d wish that you can actually get in touch with nature once in a while. The good news is you can, and you don’t even have to settle for just a day.

What the Festival Is About

It’s called Seasons on the Mountain—and appropriately so. Around this time, which is usually on the first few days of October, the private gardens that are surrounding Tamborine Mountain will be open to the public. This is actually a very good time since it’s springtime, and you can see the flowers on the process of turning into full blooms.

The gardens are normally open from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon all throughout the festival. There’s an entrance fee for the event. It will cost you $5 for every garden, though children are free.

What to Do

This is one of those times when you’ll say that garden hopping is not boring at all. For one, you can see for yourself the wide varieties of plants and flowers that tend to grow only in subtropical climate. You can also have a very good diversion from the things that are commonly associated with Gold Coast particularly the beaches and realize that there are more things that you can explore.

It’s also common for the participating private gardens to cook up some activities for the guests. There will be live performance such as dances and songs from professional entertainers in the area. This will also be a very good time to sit down and sip some tea with friends and family. Some of them also hold workshops related to horticulture or spring plants. Stalls will be put up, selling home-made goodies such as cookies, preserves, and jams. You can also purchase some arts and crafts.

The trail may also lead you to a number of wineries. You may want to call ahead so you will be given a private tour and see how the grapes are being grown. You can also sample some wines and cheeses in their cafes or cellars. Do check out galleries as well. Artworks can be excellent souvenirs too.

It’s definitely nice to spend the weekend up in the mountains, amongst with the flowers and trees. Make sure you don’t miss out on the festivity by booking your Gold Coast accommodation. Let our website help you find the right one.