coffee shops in Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is a fantastic holiday destination for foodies and coffee lovers alike. Ranging from quaint pigeonhole cafes to grand coffee shops with live music, Surfers Paradise features it all.

But when you wake up in an unfamiliar destination and need a strong coffee fix fast, where do you go? Don’t worry, as a Surfers Paradise local who loves his coffee, I can help you out!

Here are some of my personal favourite coffee shops in Surfers Paradise. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed with the coffee they serve.

  1. Lot 1 Coffee: This quaint little café offers great irony café and flavoured cakes for an amazing morning fix. Rated as an impressive 8.9 on Bean Hunter, Lot 1 Coffee is located just two blocks south of Surfers Paradise.
  2. ESPL Coffee Brewers: ESPL Coffee Brewers offers fine coffee made from a blend of Honduran, Brazilian and Nicaraguan beans. Located in the heart of Surfers Paradise, this café also offers amazing views. This café is rated as 8.0 on Bean Hunter.
  3. Stairwell Coffee: Stairwell Coffee is famous for its Merlo coffee served alongside live jazz music. This café is located in Orchid Avenue and is rated as 8.3 on Bean Hunter.
  4. Paradox Coffee Roasters: Paradox Coffee Roasters is one of very few roasters on the Gold Coast and is known its amazing coffee. Situated at The 4217 in the heart of Surfers Paradise, this great looking café is rated as 8.1 on Bean Hunter.
  5. Black Coffee Lyrics: A local favourite, Black Coffee Lyrics has a great menu and it also features live music performances every Friday and Saturday night. It lies nestled between Surfers Paradise Boulevard and Orchid Avenue and is rated as 8.1 on Bean Hunter.

Don’t be left in despair on your Gold Coast holiday. If you’re staying in Surfers Paradise these are the places to go for a great morning cuppa. I assure you – you won’t be disappointed!

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