Benefits of booking Gold Coast resorts over other hotels in the region

The Gold Coast is welcoming an increasing number of tourists year after year, and in order to cater to this need, a large number of hotels and resorts have sprung up in the area. While we all know what hotels have to offer, many are still unaware of the benefits that Gold Coast resorts have to offer over hotels. Unfortunately, a large number of people still believe that hotels are the way to go when booking accommodation on the Gold Coast – as apartment accommodation provider; I’d love to do away with this myth.

I’d like to take this opportunity to briefly explain the various benefits that resorts have to offer over hotels and look at why you should consider staying in one of the many Gold Coast resorts for your next Gold Coast holiday

First, let’s understand the meaning of a resort and what it has to offer so you can distinguish it from a hotel.

A resort is essentially a self contained establishment, which looks to meet most of the demands and needs of a tourist on a vacation, including food, drinks, entertainment, shopping, sports and of course, lodging.

Now that you have an idea of what a resort is, here are some of the benefits of staying in Gold Coast resorts rather than staying at a hotel.

1. More spacious

When you choose to stay at a hotel, you’re mostly confined to a room with an attached bathroom, which are no doubt, furnished very well. However, if you choose to book your stay in a resort, you will be offered a full apartment, complete with separate rooms, a kitchen, a dining area and even a personal balcony. By staying at a resort, you will never feel cramped up for space.

2. Wider choice of facilities

Although hotels offer a great range of facilities, resorts often rival and even surpass a hotels best facilities. Most resorts include swimming pools, spas, saunas, gymnasiums and even casinos for tourists to enjoy. Some resorts also offer sports activities as well. With a wider choice of facilities and activities on offer, tourists will certainly enjoy resorts much more than hotels.

3. Better accommodation amenities

While hotels offer a range of accommodation amenities, the facilities offered by Gold Coast resorts are far greater. Resorts offer fully furnished, completely self-contained apartments, which come complete with entertainment units, Wi-Fi, Foxtel and other features. Laundry facilities and 24/7 service staff are also offered by resorts, making them far better than what hotels have to offer.

4. Everything is provided

Unlike hotels, a resort is designed be a holiday destination within itself; everything is provided and you really won’t have to leave the resort for any reason – other than to explore the beautiful Gold Coast! This is certainly an added convenience for tourists, who want to enjoy a hassle-free Gold Coast holiday.

5. Resorts are cheaper than most hotels

Contrary to what most people believe, resorts are often cheaper than hotels, especially when staying for 4 or more nights. While hotel rooms can get more and more expensive over longer durations, resorts can be booked for long or short durations and depending on the booking, there are several deals and discounts offered to customers. Here, at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals, we offer apartments in some of the leading Gold Coast resorts for as little as $89 per night (min 3 nigh stay), which cannot be matched by any hotel on the Gold Coast.

For amazing Gold Coast resort experience, consider booking an apartment at one of the following resorts; Crown Towers Gold Coast, Sun City Resort and Moroccan Resort.


If you’re planning on visiting the Gold Coast for a holiday, you can either choose to stay in a hotel, or at a holiday resort. As I have mentioned above, choosing a Gold Coast resort proves to be far more beneficial over a hotel; they offer better facilities and amenities, are more spacious and much cheaper.

Contact Gold Coast Holiday Rentals to book your stay in one of the mentioned Gold Coast resorts today. I guarantee you; you will never look to book a hotel ever again

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