Beach bumbs won’t settle for anything less than a beach front hotel. Some would even give up luxury, non-beach front accommodation for a threadbare cottage, as long as it’s facing the sea. In the Gold Coast, though, beach bumb accommodation need not be so rough. There are plenty of affordable hotels in the area, all of them fronting the beach and providing the ultimate Gold Coast holiday experience.

The party going beach bumb should look at Surfers Paradise first, where the Chateu Beachside offers charming and affordable rooms. You’re not just renting a roof over your head here, either. The lodgings also offer basic resort amenities and it’s situated at the heart of Surfers Paradise so beach bumbs and friends can stick close to the wildest parties in the strip.

If you’re really on a budget, though, you might want to skip the hotel experience altogether and rent an apartment with fellow beach bumb friends. It’s not at the heart of Surfers Paradise but right next door, at the Esplanade. The Monaco Beachfront Apartments offer an unprecedented view of the Pacific Ocean. It fronts a beach that’s adjacent to the party playground Surfers Paradise. The crowd is thinner in this area, though, so you won’t have to fight for sunbathing space.

The Norfolk Luxury Beachfront Apartments which is a mid-sized resort in the Main Beach is also a good choice for affordable beachfront accommodation. The Main Beach is only 100 meters from the patrolled beaches of the Gold Coast so the area is pretty secure. To top it all off, the resort also has its own tennis court, sauna, spa, and a barbecue area. While this resort is more popular with families, it’s also a good choice if you’re looking for a big room to accommodate all of your friends. It might be slightly more upscale than the Monaco, though.

If you want some peace and quiet, though, and your idea of the perfect beach bumb gold coast holiday is a cold bottle of beer and a remote seaside you can have for yourself, the Nobby Beach is a more pleasant strip than the Surfers Paradise. This is where the Santorini by the Sea sits. It also has a sauna, a spa, a heated salt water pool, and best of all, it’s modeled after the same apartments you’ll see in the Greek Isles.

While the beachside is pretty remote, the resort is still close to restaurants just in case you’d want to eat someplace else. Please visit our website for beachfront Gold Coast accommodation that are certainly a bang for your buck.