Each Gold Coast holiday is unique and a holiday for couples in Aussies golden shores shouldn’t be just like everyone else.  While it attracts droves of adventure seekers and surfers from all over the world, the Gold Coast is also a prime destination for couples.

One of the most romantic ways to spend an afternoon is to get away from the noise of the crowd and sign up on a luxury champagne sailing cruise. Talk to your travel agent so  he may include this in your itinerary.  Sail off an hour before sunset and siping your bubbly as you watch the sun go down. When you sail back to the shores,  continue the romantic experience by dining at of the many impressive restaurants the coast has to offer.

Next day, why not also try hot air ballooning. If you don’t think you haven’t impressed your fiancé yet with that champagne sailing cruise, try impressing her with a morning or an afternoon tour up in the air. This is perfect during clear spring or summer days when the wind is just right. This is also a popular venue for the most adventurous, not to mention the sweetest, wedding proposals.

If you’ve been out with your partner, enjoying the best of Aussie’s wildlife, an in-house massage is just the right activity to close the day. Make sure you’re not having your massage after an entire night of partying though. Massages can make you nauseous if you’re still intoxicated. It’s the perfect way to relax, if you’ve spent the entire day trying to burn off all the calories you’ve packed in, thanks to excellent restaurants in the Gold Coast.

Are you thinking of how you can spice up an ordinary lunchtime with your partner? Pack a basket and picnic-in-style by going to a remote island in the Gold Coast by sea plane.  An Island Picnic by Seaplane will certainly impress. You’ll be getting the best bird’s eye view of the Gold Coast, landing on a pretty and quiet spot off an island, and eating a hearty picnic which you can have your hotel prepare.

Sometimes the most romantic ideas are also the simplest. Don’t leave the Gold Coast without dropping by the observation deck.  Located in Surfer’s Paradise, this is the highest tower in the Gold Coast.  As they say, the best view is always from the top.  Drop by during sunset and watch the city lights turn on. The deck is on the 77th and 78th floor of the Q1 and will give you magnificent 360-views of the area. 

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