The primary ingredients that make beach accommodation achieve their greatness include: a great view, impressive facilities, accessibility to the coastal town’s main highlights (aside from the beach) and of course, good food and good service. If you’re going to scour Australia’s coastline, you might as well do it with style.

The Circle certainly tops the bill if you’re looking for the most luxurious accommodation at the heart of Surfer’s Paradise. With four pools, its own gym, sauna and spa facilities, barbecue areas, a games room for adults and a play room for children, you can tell that the management had everything well thought-out.

You wouldn’t have to go so far, either just to go shopping for souvenirs or beachwear. While each apartment at the Circle boasts of only the most exclusive of spaces, the city’s shopping area is also just a few steps from your doorway. Cafes, boutiques, cinemas, restaurants and bars are always accessible to you at any time of the day.  The Circle sits right at 9 Ferny Avenue, inspiring a relaxed lifestyle in the midst of a bustling and fast-developing city.

If you want something a little more private, though, Ultra Broadbbeach at 14 George Avenue might be the better choice. The apartments here all face east (which means that you’ll be getting the best sunrises) and it’s a comfortable distance from the shopping center. This is the perfect place to stay in if you’re thinking of getting some good sleep at night without being too far from the center.

While you’re allowed your own quiet time enjoying the view from your open balcony, the Broadbeach Mall and its neighboring shopping centers are a six-minute-walk away from your lodgings. The Broadbeach Mall is a popular tourist attraction thanks to boutiques, coffee shops, and restaurants, just in case you need a break from the spectacular coastal view of your lodgings.

Can’t leave without a car? If you want lodgings with your own garage and almost the same spaciousness as your home (only more luxurious and situated in one of the best spots on Earth), then the Luxury Holiday Homes might be the perfect fit for you. Here, you can choose whether you want to wake up with the river, the hinterlands or the canal greeting you from the balcony. All holiday homes here are built with four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms. They’re perfect for families or large groups who are traveling together. The homes are right at the Gold Coast.

Chevron Renaissance, on the other hand, combines fantastic views with the facilities you’ll find at the best resorts. While it’s a two minute walk from the golden coast, the distance isn’t so bad because it’s also only a short walk away from everything else. You can also see the Nerang River and the Hinterlands from here.

If you miss the Mediterranean, it’s good to know that you can still have it while savoring the pristine beaches of the Moroccan Resort. Its three towers are only too prominent in the Surfers Paradise because they spell luxury and the most perfect beachfront views. The restaurants and cafes are all within walking distance as well, that is if you would still want to leave the great vistas of the hotel.

The Moroccan Resort also has five apartments, if you would prefer space and privacy more than the tall rooms with great views could give you.  For Gold Coast accommodation that would suit your needs, visit