When booking accommodation for your holiday, do you ever wonder what’s the difference between private rentals vs regular hotels or apartments? Do you ever wonder if those differences benefit you as guest? Well, you should as these can make a huge difference in your travel experience.

The Gold Coast apartments and hotel suites that we offer at HRSP are managed independently from on-site or resort manager. This means that our private rentals do not have to wait for cleaning or maintenance personnel to attend to hundreds of units in the same hotel or building before they get cleaned or maintained. Also, we care about quality and in giving guests with extra-ordinary holiday experience. For this reason, all the hotel suites and apartments offered in our website are only those with panoramic ocean views. In addition, we commit ourselves to provide consistently high standard of service and competitive rates. We may be biased, but we look at it this way; Private Rentals; Better Quality, Better Experience, Better Holiday!

Perhaps what our new and old customers really love about us is that we strive to provide personalised and customised private rental service. We provide full set of details, descriptions, pictures of the actual units, virtual tour, and even floor plans for your better appreciation. Even before you get here, you know exactly what your accommodation will look like. Now, that is something that regular hotel managers do not provide, right?

By going to hrsp.com.au, you’ll notice that all the private rentals we offer are from top-rated resorts and hotels such as from Chevron Renaissance, Circle on Cavill, Orchid Residences, Crown Towers and Moroccan Resort. We handpicked all those that are featured in our website and ensure that they are of all high quality and great value for your money.

Aside from offering you with great but value accommodation, we also made sure that the process of booking is easier, fast, and hassle-free. Our website is equipped with real-time availability feature so you can easily book your desired accommodation at displayed rate in real time.

For more information about private rentals or if you’d like to list your own property with us, please read our post Private Holiday Letting with HRSP.