One of the best things about staying in the Gold Coast is that you can have the best of both worlds. There are plenty of beachfront accommodation in the entire strip, giving you access to sparkling waters, endless strips of gold beaches, and the hottest party places. Best of all, it’s only 30 minutes from the Hinterland, home of Australia’s best rainforests. There are about 29 National Parks to choose from and even more companies offering to take you on a day trip. It can be a pretty confusing business just trying to pick where to go.

Among the many rainforest walks these day trips offer travelers, the Tamborine Mountain Rainforest Skywalk tops the bill. Here, tourists can walk up a 350-mile elevated walkway and see the tops of old rainforest trees set against the sky. This tour is available all-year-round, but is ideally taken in the autumn months.

If you’re a big fan of tree top walks, you should check out the O’Reilly Rainforest Retreat. The rainforest canopy here is suspended 15 miles off the ground and it’s not a tour for someone afraid of heights.

Beginner hikers should also try to take the Natural Bridge at the Naminbah Valley. You’ll see a cascading water fall before entering the famous Glowworm Caves. There’s another daytrip that takes coach loads to the Glowworms Caves in Mt. Tamborine. You might want to take that if you’re traveling with a child.

For a full day of bushwalking and nature tripping, the Lamington National Park is the place to go. The park is separated into two regions—the Green Mountains and the Binna Burra. The Green Mountains tour through the Albert River track gives travelers the full rainforest experience. North of Binna Burra, you’ll be taken to more challenging forested ridges with the occasional vistas of waterfalls. If you’re not quite ready for difficult trails, though, the Border Track, South of Binna Burra gives you great vantage points, too, for half the work.

Mount Cougal in the Springbrook National Park offers another easy trail that’s 800 meters long. This trail leads to the prettiest streams of the Hinterland, or quite possibly, the whole of the Gold Coast. The whole of Springbrook is quite a sight, too, and it’s unprecedentedly the most popular rainforest plateau in the Gold Coast.

Before signing up for any of these day trips, ask your travel agent about the difficulty of the trail, the inclusion of the package (For example, will you have to pack your own lunch?), and how long the trip is going to last. The Hinterland is famous for its daytrips but not for its accommodation. It’s possible to book a decent room or apartment that’s close to these attractions, though. Just visit our website at