If you are looking for somewhere a bit out of the ordinary to take your family on a holiday, then the Gold Coast is that place. In recent times, the Gold Coast has become the IT destination for families as well as water sport enthusiasts. With miles and miles of beautiful beaches and various accommodation options for you to choose from not to mention the amenities and activities available, now is the time to take a Gold Coast holiday.

If we are going to help you plan your holiday on the Gold Coast then one of the first things we will need to look at is holiday accommodation. Where will you and your family be staying? The answer is more than simple. With 17 resorts to choose from and with various price points, you are sure to find an accommodation to suit your pocket at HRSP.com.au. Now that you have settled in, you are going to want to get an idea of the amenities that the resort (of your choice) offers. Most of the resorts have indoor and outdoor heated pools as well as gyms and in some cases private theatres as well. You could stay at the resort your entire trip and find that all of your needs are met on site.

Now if you are a mover and shaker then you definitely want to get out of your resort room and see the sites and hear some of the sounds. If you are prone to getting lost, don’t worry; a guided tour will ensure that you get to see the wonders of the Gold Coast and still return to your family at the end of the day. You can also try going on a hot air balloon ride and see the Gold Coast from a totally new perspective. Of course you are going to want to have some sort of fine dining experience and there are tons of restaurants that cater to people with a taste for the extraordinary.

There is of course one place that you simply must see when you are on the Gold Coast and that is the Coolangatta beach. This beach is simply breath-taking. With its wide expanse of white sand almost always warm water, and the amenities on the beach itself you simply must take a swim and be a part of  the group of people that can say they bathed there. So no matter how you look at it from accommodation to fine dining, the Gold Coast has it all.