The Gold Coast of Australia is host to a multitude of theme parks of all kinds. These parks are within a short drive of all the rentals offered, and no Gold Coast holiday would be complete without Gold Coast theme park passes to enjoy the greatest entertainment offered.

The most popular Gold Coast theme parks is Dreamworld, which has the best thrill rides and a diversity in entertainment that none of the other parks can touch. The Big 7 thrill rides are seven of the fastest, tallest, and most terrifyingly thrilling of coasters in the world, offering different types of rides for everyone to enjoy.

Dreamworld is also home to Wiggles World, themed after the extremely popular children’s show that swept the world like wildfire with the antics of characters like Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword.

Dreamworld also features unique interactive shows that are performed live. Themes range from favorite animated movies like Madagascar and Shrek to spectacular laser battles.

One other feature of Dreamworld that makes it the king of theme parks is the wildlife attractions. Dreamworld is home to the famous Tiger Island, where the Awesome Pawsome were born back in 1998 and gained worldwide recognition for the Tiger Sanctuary. From the second they are born, each tiger cub spends the rest of their life building bonds with their trainer. Trainers will take their tiger for walks around the park, allowing all visitors to see the massive predatory felines face to face. Other wildlife attractions include croc feeding, wildlife safaris and cuddling up with some cute little koalas.

The Gold Coast is home to other theme parks as well. Within the grounds of Dreamworld is Whitewater World, full of rides and attractions that splash and soak and also has a surf school. Movie World features rides and attractions based on the latest and the greatest in Warner Bros. history. Ride the insane roller coasters or head with the little ones over to the Fun Zone to play with Looney Toons characters.

For more water based antics, visitors might choose to visit Sea World to play with marine animals and watch them perform or slide over to Wet’n’Wild Water World for the newest innovations in water park entertainment technology and the craziest slides in the Southern Hemisphere.

Those looking for a more culturally enriching experience could look into the late night dinner show, Australian Outback Spectacular. This show is unlike anything else offered on the gold coast.

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