The diversity of the Gold Coast’s terrain attracts not just party goers and beach bumbs but also a large number of nature lovers. The Gold Coast hinterlands are not known for its small lodges, but for 29 of its national parks, especially the ones included in the World Heritage roster. This part of Australia holds one of the biggest stretches of the most well preserved rainforests. The most impressive of these parks is the Lamington.

The Lamington National Park doesn’t just boast of luscious vegetation. It also has one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia and offers outdoorsy travelers 160 kilometers of bushwalking experience. Subdivided between the Binna Burra and the Green Mountains, the park also has campsites, and attracts a wide collection of bird species making it ideal for bird watching activities. If you want a more diverse collection of wildlife, however, you would probably want to spend more time in the Green Mountains area.

Inland, the Tamborine Mountains also offer three treats for those who are curious about Australia’s natural heritage. The World Heritage communities in Eagle Heights, Mount Tamborine, and the North Tamborine areas would certainly give you the other side of life. The site is also home to a beautiful waterfall, with the entire span of the area cut by a walking trail, so beginner hikers can keep up. You can even drop by for a rainforest tea when you traverse the Gallery Walk which leads to restaurants and shops right in the middle of the bushlands.

If you’ve heard of the Glowworm Cave Tours, this is located at the Natural Bridge at Mt. Tamborine. When you go on this daytrip, though, don’t forget to bring your own torch, wear a sturdy pair of enclosed hiking shoes, and weather-smart clothing. The terrain is pretty easy to traverse, though, as the Glowworm Cave Tours are designed mainly for kids. There are plenty of adults who take the daytrip, though, with or without children.

The waterfalls you should definitely see while you’re in the Gold Coast Hinterlands are the Curtis Falls, Witches Falls, Purlingbrook Falls, Goomoolahra Falls, Canyon Lookout, Sprinbrook, and the smaller falls in the Numbinbah Valley. Because of the sheer number of natural attractions in the Gold Coast, you might have to sign up for more than just one daytrip. Even if you don’t get to see them all, though, viewing at least one of them is already a breathtaking experience.

While the Gold Coast hinterlands are better known for daytrips than lodges and hotels, there are accommodation in the area that are close enough to the national parks. They’re also very close to the beach, so you can have the best of both worlds while you’re in your Gold Coast holiday. To look at the most attractive Gold Coast accommodation, visit