The Gold Coast receives visitors of all types and in all walks of life. However, because the Gold Coast is an extremely family-friendly holiday destination, we tend to welcome more families than any other type of visitor. Indeed, the Gold Coast is a wonderful family friendly destination with plenty of attractions for people of all ages to enjoy.

At HRSP, we welcome families to the Gold Coast on a daily basis. And in doing so; we see certain trends form. So today, I will share some of the most popular family travel trends that we’ve seen from our guests so far this year.

If you’re planning an upcoming Gold Coast holiday with your family, make sure to read through this post. You’re sure to find some useful information that’ll help you with your holiday.

1. Multi-generation travel

One trend that is becoming very popular with families holidaying on the Gold Coast is multi-generation travel. We’re seeing more and more extended families, with people of all ages, holidaying together. A bigger family holiday makes for a rich and enhanced holiday experience and many people realise this.

For your family holiday, consider not only your immediate family, but you’re parents or in-laws, siblings’ family or even cousins – as they say, the more the merrier!

And, don’t worry about finding suitable accommodation on the Gold Coast to accommodation everyone. At HRSP, we offer spacious 3 bedroom apartments that can easily accommodate up to 8 guests per apartment – plus, we have multiple apartments on the same floor so you can all stay together.

2. Volunteering

Another trend with families on a Gold Coast holiday is kindness and awareness. We are seeing families volunteering for causes on their Gold Coast holiday.

Volunteering may be something for you to also consider for your holiday. The Gold Coast offers plenty of community driven events that you can participate in. By volunteering on your family holiday, you’ll instil great values in your kids, while enjoying exotic holiday experience.

3. Digital detoxification

In today’s day and age, we simply cannot live without technology. Unfortunately, technology can be very intrusive and anti-social, especially whilst trying to enjoy a family holiday. Parents checking their email and Facebook feeds every 5 minutes and kids super glued to a gaming app – you might as well not be on a holiday if this is how it is spent.

However now I’ve noticed that families more inclined to have tech-free holidays. They are switching off their devices and choosing to spend quality time in each other company whilst on holiday. This allows family members to bond with each other better and create memorable experiences together.

4. Foodie holiday

If your family is anything like mine then you bond over food. This year we’ve been seeing a lot more families doing the same. The Gold Coast is a foodie’s heaven, with a smorgasbord of dining options to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

The Gold Coast hosts various Farmers Markets and Night Markets where you can explore great food options. Moreover, there are several quaint as well as popular food destinations all over the region. You can even engage in food workshops and cooking classes on your holiday. I highly recommend you to keep food high up on your family holiday list.

5. Off peak travel

The biggest family travel trend that we are seeing is off-peak travel; families are no longer waiting for Christmas or school holidays to take a family vacation. Rather, they’re choosing to travel to the Gold Coast during the off-peak season– and for good reason, it’s much cheaper!

To be honest, the Gold Coast is a wonderful holiday destination all year round. So, you need not plan your travel around official holidays – you’ll have the same amount of fun anytime of the year. Moreover, you can avail of some great accommodation deals if you travel off peak season.

At HRSP, we offer amazing off-peak accommodation deals for families. We have over 60 family-friendly holiday apartments in Surfers Paradise, close to beach, shops and attractions. Check out our apartments at Moroccan Resort, Chevron Renaissance or Orchid Residences for Gold Coast getaway.

Don’t look for accommodation elsewhere. Get in touch with us at HRSP and book a grand holiday apartment for your upcoming family holiday.