If you are taking a holiday on Queensland’s fabulous Gold Coast, then almost certainly you will have chosen your destination for the sun and the surf; after all you are in the land where it is “beautiful one day, perfect the next.” Australia has a huge coastline with many fine beaches but perhaps nowhere else does the carefree lifestyle that centres around sun and surf mix so easily with city convenience as it does on the Gold Coast.

It is after all Australia’s most rapidly growing city. With a population of more than 500,000 now (2010) but which is expected to grow to more than 750,000 by 2030, urban development has transformed the area from almost nothing but mangroves in the space of 30 years to the modern city we see today. It was only a short while ago that this development first started with the opening of the “Pink Poodle” – the first motel on the Gold Coast and which can still be seen on the Gold Coast Highway at Broadbeach – but not for much longer it seems; even that icon will soon give way to redevelopment.

If you are looking to holiday on “the Coast” then you have a range of wonderful location options from which to choose depending on the type of holiday you have in mind. If you are planning a quiet family holiday then you may want to opt for a quieter area such as Palm Beach at the southern end of the Coast or somewhere like Magic Mountain at Miami. On the other hand if you want to go clubbing every night then you might prefer a location closer to “the action.”

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