Anyone who has ever heard or visited the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, only ever relates it to awesome beaches, underwater action, and sunshine fun. But, there is another interesting and almost equally exciting face to the Gold Coast and that’s the Gold Coast Hinterland. The Gold Coast Hinterland is beautiful with its large mountainous and farming backdrop. A striking contrast to the sun-kissed beaches, the hinterland is a highly recommended day trip (or more) holiday destination for anyone who visits the Coast and needs a promising change from the surf and the sun!

the Gold Coast Hinterland is the land of warmth, colour, and rustic appeal. You will find plenty of country style crafts, small, cosy cottages, art galleries selling tribal art, welcoming tea houses, warm guest houses, local markets with fresh produce, historical buildings, fruit plantations, live farms and pubs offering local and as well as international drinks. There is pretty much something for everyone to do and enjoy within the Gold Coast Hinterland.

It’s advised that in order to truly experience the hinterland area you hire a vehicle. You can drive down from the coast to this region in 30 minutes approximately. Some of the best activities to be experienced in Gold Coast Hinterland are abseiling, wilderness treks, hang-gliding, and 4-wheel drive tours on the many rainforest tracks. If you enjoy scenic drives, you’ll love the hinterland. With several such drives winding around and through this area, you’ll feel right at home. Some of the views you’ll really enjoy are those of the Tamborine Mountains, Hinze Dam, Springbrook Plateau, Purlingbrook Falls, Numinbah Valley and more.

There are many trekking choices at your disposal. With 160 km of trekking trails, you can enjoy nature at its most beautiful! For nature lovers, Gold Coast Hinterland can be more than a day trip. You can easily spend 2-3 days in the hinterland soaking in the natural delights and enjoy yourself while doing that!

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