Yes, of course there’s something wonderful about a white Christmas, but in Australia we know that nothing, absolutely nothing, beats sun, surf and seafood for the ultimate in festive season celebrations. So if you’ve decided to forego the extended family functions this year and head somewhere truly blissful, look no further than the gorgeous Gold Coast.

The great thing about the Gold Coast is that it caters equally well to couples, groups of friends and yes, families. A Gold Coast Christmas provides plenty of opportunity for families to get together and enjoy. There’ll be plenty open for business, so something to keep everyone entertained.

First things first, you’ll need accommodation and if you’re heading up as a family, a holiday home may suit you best. We have plenty on our books that give you space, top class amenities and a great base from which to explore this fabulous part of the world. You might like to make the most of a contemporary stainless-steel kitchen to whip up a Christmas feast, or perhaps aim for total relaxation and head out for Christmas lunch at one of the Gold Coast’s top class international restaurants.  

When it comes to activities, a trip to the beach is an obvious must. Stroll along the sand, swim and perhaps even get active with a game of beach cricket. Or select a holiday home where you can take advantage of your very own pool and entertainment deck. Picture yourself with a cool drink lazing under an umbrella poolside? Now that’s what we call Christmas!

So if you’re ready for your Christmas in paradise, there’s no better time than now to get organised. Christmas can be a very popular time, so to ensure you don’t miss out getting just what you’re after, stop by our website today to view all the luxurious properties and decide just where your Gold Coast Christmas might be.