Have you ever wondered why tourists flock to Australia, and especially the Gold Coast? The answer is really simple. While the continent has some of the most spectacular and clean beaches in the world, the Gold Coast has the largest number of beaches along its 70km long shoreline! There are four major spots along this long and winding seashore and they are The Spit, Main Beach, Narrowneck, and Palm Beach.

Palm Beach is centrally located and within quick driving distances from most of Gold Coast’s major entertainment venues like Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Jupiter Casino and the theme parks trail. Most of the time Palm Beach is flush with transitory fishing and surfing population as it offers them plenty of off-shore reefs, estuary systems, and the two rivers – Tweed and Nerang.

Palm Beach, Gold Coast is a beautiful and less commercial spots on the Gold Coast. Located to Currumbin Creek’s north, this beach is excellent for surfing because of its consistent waves and for fishing because of its healthy fish population especially during winter.

For those of you who prefer a relaxing and quiet holiday destination, Palm Beach is the best one. Easy on the eyes and the pocket, Palm beach has Andy Frizzell Park for picnic lunches and barbeques, scenic walking track to Burleigh Head National Park, empty banks for surfers, broad walk cafes with tables overlooking panoramic views of a beautiful beach and plenty of walking trails along the north and south side of the beach for those who prefer quite seclusion. Moreover, it is one of the best dive sites in the world. With the reef just 5mts below the water surface, avid scuba divers have an excellent opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular marine life including corals, sponges, hammerheads, Wobbegongs and leopard sharks.

It’s doubtful you’ll miss the buzz of electronic music or bright lights of the shops, when you have such wonderful options to spend time on at Palm Beach, Gold Coast!